TI Stellaris Launchpad – my first time in programming and MCUs


It’s all started from here from the wonderful blog of Hackaday.
I follow it via twitter and every so often a really interesting news comes out.
Few days ago I found a news about Texas Instruments, giving away (in preorder mode), several MCUs board: the stellaris Launchpad is the name.
The price is quite outstanding: less than 5$ itl. Shipping included! The only resctriction is to order a maximum of two boards at time. You can place more than one order but only the very first will have priority. Second and following orders will be shipped later.

Shipping will start after september, the 25th and one employ from TI told me that a bunch of 12500 boards had been ordered (i guess only in Italy so…worldwide will be a huge number).

I took some ours to think about the deal…then I’ve bought a couple. After that I’ve started my investigation about the MCUs world,

I’ve always loved Arduinod’s world and I would like to start with it but even if its price is really cheap, Stellaris price is cheaper.

Now, as sort of diary, as a blog, I’ve decided to strat writing both on my blog and on Stellarisriti’s blog, as well. Full english even if I’m not that good. Will be a chance to improve my english. 🙂

Following steps will be:

  • add speficic category under my personal blog
  • creating and copy this post on a personal blog under Stellarisiti’s blog
  • add some resources found over the net about programming (which is my big ilack)
  • try to going on and keep on writing during those months

Hope you’ll enjoy my blog. Comments are well accepted.

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