Philip Seymour Hoffman and the hoax of the hoax. Searching for true

Died or not, the P.S. Hoffman’s death has really brought up to light one of the biggest threat for the information system.

Actually, a couple of coincidences does the trick but, after all, once the negative hoax went off like a bomb (he died), the real post (he wasn’t dead) turning people from sadness to joy and quite confused, as well.

The official magazines wrote about his death and about the hoax; again about the confirmation of his death so, later, there was no assurance about the first rather than the latest news.

So, would the performance anxiety of the major online magazine could cause a real stop in the information flows?
This because once your trust is compromise, maybe it could be once again.

So, what if the next hoax would speak about one alien invasion? What if next generation’s World War made by Orson Welles would be broadcasted this way?
How to avoid any “cut and paste” syndrome from publish an hoax in an official online magazine, just to be the first?


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