Apple is the biggest Samsung fanboy ever

Apple is the biggest Samsung fanboy ever

Maybe you won’t believe me, but, let me explain a couple of things.


Most of you knows what Samsung Gear is. If not, stop hesitating and take a look here LINK!

Samsung Gear

Quite far from the very first version, Samsung Gear won the race for the very first smart watch.

Actually the prize has been quite poor. Never seen one of these watch to a wrist (friends or not).

The new Apple Watch is and always will be the second smart watch in the eternal fight between Apple and Samsung.

Please, take a look to it, as well.


Apple Watch


So…look similar…didn’t?

At a very fast look, you could maybe be right but…this is not what I want to talk about.

What I’m assuming is that Apple is the biggest Samsung’s fanboy ever and this is the reason.

Samsung Gear’s sales have been really poor while, quite probably, Apple Watch will sells a lot.

Devices are really similar but, while Samsung buyers will wonder if it’s a worthwhile expense (and, actually, it isn’t), Apple’s buyers will not ask themselves the same so, they’ll buy it with no reserve.

The consequence of this will be that people will start burning their brains, thinking (positively :D), about how to use Apple Watch…what to do with it…how to hack it… And maybe users, the crowd, will find the right target for Apple Watch and not only. Crowd will find the reason to exist for all the smart-watches.

This way, Samsung Gear will start selling more than ever, because of his price and performances and this is why Apple is the biggest Samsung fanboy ever.

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