And the MCU’s adventure keep on going: TI MSP430EXP-G2

In the mean time I’l get the two couples of boards from Stellairs Launchpad, I decided to buy one MSP430-G2 board.

At the very beginning it seemed to me a good idea. TI boards cost a quite a few compared to Arduino stuff and performances are better, as well.

Because off my newbie in programming and MCU, I guessed that there were no differences at all.

So I started searching for educational stuff and I’ve to say that TI stuff are really complete and you can find a lot of examples and tutorial on the Internet. Arduino docs are even more and more available compared to TI but I prefered Launchpad because it needs to be programmed in C language which is another thing I like to learn.

Maybe to much meat on fire but…a challenge is a challenge… Hope to win mine.



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