BYOD and working hours

BYOD and working hours

Every day an article about BYOD is posted. More or less the topic is always the same: “BYOD and companies security plans“, “BYOD and internal security”, “BYOD, to do or not”…

What I found that is really missing in this plethora of posts is someone talking about “BYOD and working hours”.


My question is: how can I deal with BYOD and working hours? There’re a few of questions I have but the main one is how will be regulated using personal device when illustrious nations like Germany and France, choose not to permit using email out of working hours?

Maybe my question could seems not so clear but if you try to match the first problem (BYOD), with the question, I guess that anything will becomes crystal clear.

It’s another degree of complication as far as CSO should take care about internal policy during day-time and consider the same policy (or denying policy), during the rest of the day (or week).

The first post I’ve mentioned says:

Staff want to use their own laptops, tablets and smartphones — and will find a way of doing it whether the IT department knows or not, according to new research. Meanwhile, businesses rather than consumers are showing most interest in wearable tech.

So, it’s clear for all that this item is fully open and undone for most of the companies. Now companies (CSO), have to include working time rather than softwares that let users share folders in the cloud. Folders containing personal data and company’s data. But as the problems grows and increase in number, time is decreasing really fast.

BYOD Have you managed the change

How can we consider our data protected enough? How can any company give evidence to their customers about what has been done to maintain well protected data and information? How the whole will match the upcoming restriction from “European privacy policy

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