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    A very simple infographics to help to prevent Wannacry ransomware from encrypting our PC. It’s an old story: awarenes would save your life so, pay attention and keep your eyes wyde open.

  • First CISSP domain and mindmap

    First CISSP domain and mindmap

    The very first step of CISSP first domain mindmap creation One brief introduction to the first chapter with mindmap   “Have you ever think about the power of your mind? No? Well, this post will try to explain how helpful could be some kind of instruments for kids like crayons”   Hi mates, as I…

  • First CISSP domain, Security and Risk Management

    First CISSP domain, Security and Risk Management

    The very first domain from (ISC)2 CISSP 2105   As we already mentioned before in the fourth episode about #CISSP resources, the former ten domains has been reduced (and partially remapped), to eight domains and this, due to a more logical (according to (ISC)2 author) organization of topics. So, for the first CISSP domain, Security and…

  • CISSP with mind map

    CISSP with mind map

    A brief tour about how to CISSP with mind map   Sorry for delay but today…it’s been a hard day. BTW, keep on reading and talking about CISSP. Today we are here to keep on studying for the last edition of CISSP certification, the one implemented since April the 15th, 2015.     This is the fifth episode…

  • CISSP resources

    CISSP resources

    Few words about tools you can’t miss Ok, supposing we already choosed the best support for us (eBook rather than paper based solution),we have to know that it’s not finished, yet. There’s a lot of CISSP resources around the internet (free and not), and you could loose yourself trying to find the best or the…