First CISSP domain and mindmap

CISSP first domain

The very first step of CISSP first domain mindmap creation

One brief introduction to the first chapter with mindmap


“Have you ever think about the power of your mind? No? Well, this post will try to explain how helpful could be some kind of instruments for kids like crayons”


Hi mates, as I promised last monday, here’s my first CISSP domain and mindmap. I must confess, it’s a huge and long time consuption job but, this post (and the others about the same topic), are not about how to study CISSP the fastest way. I would like to study, gain long lasting knowledge about this peculiar certification.

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Ok, move into the core of this post. The first chapter of CISSP CBK, Security and Risk Management, counts twelve sub chapters. For this reason, I’ve chosed to rappresent the mindmap, positioning each topic like a clock ours position. Internally, number 1 belong to che main chapter index (first chapter). This solution tend to create an almost unique map; a map that could partially overlay any others.


The uniqueness of the map increases the power of memory


Always keeping in mind my goal (avoid to forget the main concepts after few days), I’ve tryed to put together as much symbol as possible. For this reason, the main image of the map, the man with the calculator, looks like the icon I’ve used for the very firs mindmap about the 8 domains.

From now on, this should be the “main theme” for the first chapter.

Now, I felt into a little trouble. My blog seems stuck somewhere, so I can’t manage this post the way I need it.

For this reason I’m going to delivery it and publish it. I’ll start immediately a brand new post trying to write it the way I like.

So, stay tuned and wait a little more. You won’t be disappointed.


Davide Giordano

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