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Few words about tools you can’t miss

Ok, supposing we already choosed the best support for us (eBook rather than paper based solution),we have to know that it’s not finished, yet. There’s a lot of CISSP resources around the internet (free and not), and you could loose yourself trying to find the best or the most complete documentation (official…or not). For this reason, this time, I’ve preferred to remain sticky to (ISC)2 suggestion.


(ISC)2 Exam outline

First of all I’ve downloaded the (ISC)2 CISSP official Exam Outline. This PDF sums the CISSP domain reduced from 10 to 8 domains.

It shows you which topic will be covered, domain per domain and what CISSP candidate will be tested or asked for.

It’s a must for me and you should start reading this PDF before start reading the textbook. It’s foundamental to make the main concepts crystal clear.

The end of this PDF is also filled with a big external list of references you can use to read more and clarify some concepts rather than dig more into others. It’s a matther of time: the more you have, the more you can spend reading documents. 😀

If you have studied for the former version of the exam (pre April 15th), there’s a map explain you the summarization from 10 to 8 domains and how topics have been splitted around.



CCCure: CISSP world in a site.

Maintained by an extremely professional guy whose name is Clement (Dupuis), this web site is full of material ready to help you to get into studying as best as you can.

The author, Clement, write a lot of stuff and the website’s community works very hard to support and implement the power.

For example, the last version of the official book from (ISC)2, contains several errors. Not very much but for (ISC)2 organization, it’s an unpleasant fact to deal with…

Forum is also an interesting resource. Members filled topics with questions about CISSP certification and, moreover, the reason for a specific answer. This way you will not just learn the correct answer but you’ll understand why.

Of course there are, as I wrote few rows earlier, an incredible amount of texts and presentations and videos and so on but, first, they are focused on the former version of the exam; second, you’ll have to spend a lot of time with them and maybe, IMO, would not be worthwhile.

See you next time. I’ll write you about CISSP and mindmap.

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