Big data: with great power comes great responsibility

White House Big Data Report

barack-obama-spiderman--largeUncle Ben is a sort of icon for all of Spiderman’s fans and his famous sentence, as well. Reading this post my mind has jumped immediately to this sentence.

Just have a look to one of the first phrases: “big data analytics have the potential to eclipse longstanding civil rights protections”. This is what I mean when I say great power and great responsability.

As far as, actually, big data is almost a black hole for common people, while is an huge opportunity for industry, risks to privacy disclosure is already on the road, with the blessing of the low (or of his absence…).

Not for a combination that such a document (BIG DATA: SEIZING OPPORTUNITIES, PRESERVING VALUES), is addressed to one of the most discussed authority of this days.

In my opinion, this could come in a HUGE opportunity for a wide range of consultant services.

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