eBay stolen database and Bitcoin

So, as far as eBay denies the authenticity of a stolen database, another problem is arising quite quickly: BitCoin security usage. Apart from a couple of security issues (two months to discover the hack and 145 million users potentially exposed), my thought wander upon the BitCoin’s topic.   Few weeks ago I spent few hours reading about BT and all the strange environment around them (have you ever read about how to do them?), and I’ve focused my attentions on the total absence of any kind of control from banks and security.

No sign on that money so you can exchange them in a fully anonymously. Although some people likes this for some endemic hate for Banks and security and deep love for privacy, this seems actually to be the perfect recipe for illegal transactions.

Today, with the exception of some rules in the US about taxes (Bitcoin is property) and some for Money Transmitter, there’re any specific regulation (like coins and banknotes).

This way, if you add the freedom of moving all the money you want (and have), with the almost total absence of trace, what are we actually facing with? Have you any info able to dismantle my scepticism?


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