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  • CISSP with mind map

    CISSP with mind map

    A brief tour about how to CISSP with mind map   Sorry for delay but today…it’s been a hard day. BTW, keep on reading and talking about CISSP. Today we are here to keep on studying for the last edition of CISSP certification, the one implemented since April the 15th, 2015.     This is the fifth episode […]

  • CISSP resources

    CISSP resources

    Few words about tools you can’t miss Ok, supposing we already choosed the best support for us (eBook rather than paper based solution),we have to know that it’s not finished, yet. There’s a lot of CISSP resources around the internet (free and not), and you could loose yourself trying to find the best or the […]

  • CISSP textbook is Amazon Kindle Edition

    CISSP textbook is Amazon Kindle Edition

    Moving from paper to electronic support     In the first episode of my tale, I wrote about a revamp in my need of a CISSP certification. In the second episode I’ve tryed to expose how many textbook alternatives there were outside. For the third episode of my road to CISSP exam, I’m going to […]

  • CISSP textbook – choosing the best

    CISSP textbook – choosing the best

    CISSP textbook – choosing the best between (ISC)2 CBK (Kindle edition) and Shon Harris   Hi folks, here we are with the second post about my road to CISSP certification. As many others, the first thing you’ll start searchig for will be “the best CISSP textbook is…?” Following this stream, you’ll find a pletora of […]

  • CISSP-reloaded


    Ok, I know. This should be the second time for me on the screen, talking about CISSP certification so I can talk about CISSP-reloaded. Almost a couple of years has gone and now…the exam is going to change from 4.15.2015 Main domains will be reduced from 10 to 8 (this seem the main change) and, […]