Chickpeas, rice and vegetables for a fast and veg meal

Rice, veggies and chickpeas

The fastest way to get a veg meal in few minutes

Yesterday night I came back quite late and I was really hungry.

Time was very few so, I needed to be as fast as possible. In the fridge there were some veggies and I prepared some chickpeas, early in the morning before go to the office.
As far as you’re in a hurry just like me, jump to the recipe and how to seat and eat in less than 30′ (always liked to say like Jamie… 😀 ) and my choice has fall on chickpeas, rice and vegetables for a fast and veg meal supposing them to be the fastest way to get a veg meal in few minutes.

Here’s the list of ingredients for about 4 people.






  • 5 medium zucchini with flowers, too
  • one round tomato
  • several small tomatoes (just for a different shades of flavour)
  • 3 carrots
  • 1 piece of celery
  • one can of chickpeas or the same ammount of pre dryed ones.
  • 1 slice of garlic

Chop all veggies and pour them into  a big frying pan with some oil into and start cooking the at low fire for at least 20 minutes.

All copped veggiesAdd chopped veggies and some salt and mix every so often with a spoon.

In the meaning while, pour four or five coffe cups filled with rice in a pot.

Pour the double of cups filled with cold water (5 cups of rice = 10 cups of water). All together.

Now, fire up the pot at medium fire, add some salt and cover the whole.

Check for water every so often and, if rice is still uncooked, add some water.

Remember, medium fire.







Once everything is ready, pour the rice in a large baking pan.

Add chickpeas to the veggies.

Serve the way you prefer. I like to use a flat dish with veggies on the left and rice to the right. You can eventually add some SOIA sauce, if you like.

Even a good meal for the next day! 😀

Rice, veggies and chickpeas

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