Vegan sandwich with tuna like flavour

Vegan Tuna Sandwich

Trying different recipe to catch the best flavour


Hi folks,

I must to admit that tuna flavour is maybe one of the most missing one from time I’ve gone vegan.

Tuna is not only a tasty meal but a very “versatile” food to realize from starter to complex recipe rather than succulent snack like sandwiches.

For this reason, today I’ll show you my first attempt to replicate the tuna flavour (more or less) with my vegan sandwich with tuna like flavour.

Trying to duplicate rather than clone some flavour is very hard and not always worthwhile. I’m trying this just to store some food for the future (an “out of the blue” picnic, for istance).

Everithing started from:

here: ChickPea of the Sea will lead you to the original recipe where I landend searching for a vegan tuna alternatives. My challenge was to try to do something closer (look and taste), as much as possible.

Of course I always have a very small amount of time so I always do everything in a rush.

For this reason, my recipe count a very limited ingredients compared to the original one. Here they are:

  • UME plum vinegar
  • Chickpeas
  • Vegan Mayonnaise

I also add some

  • Senape (really don’t know why)
  • one pinch of salt
  • few drops of soybean oil

The first test clarified to me that senape was not necessary so, next time it will not be called 😀

For the rest…I must admit that globally, it’s really a good start.

Now, let’s move on to the incredibly “making of” of my sandwich.


A couple of slices of bread and…

one tomatoe, few leaves of lettuce and our yummi tunalike wonder cream. Chop bread slices in the middle to get a copule of medium size sandwiches.

Vegan tuna like sandwich recipe
Vegan tuna like sandwich recipe


Wash lettuce and slice tomatoe…

Sliced tomatoe and lattuce
Sliced tomatoe and lattuce


Now, pose your tuna like cream on the bread and prepare yourself for the crytical move:

Tuna like cream on bread
Tuna like cream on bread


Move your hand carefully and roll you tomatoe’s slices over the cream; than it’s lettuce turn. Last but not least, the cover made of bread. You’re done! Great job, mate.

The whole tuna like sandwich assembled
The whole tuna like sandwich assembled


Now…it’s time to test the sandwich and make out if the “global”, the whole is working or not.

Yummi and tasty sandwich
Yummi and tasty sandwich

Oh, man…probably my photo isn’t good enough as the taste of my sandwich. Bearing in mind all the little corrections to do, I think that I’ll do another try very, very early.

Have a good and healy lunch.


See you next time.

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