CISSP textbook – choosing the best

(ISC)2 CISSP Official TExtBook

CISSP textbook – choosing the best between (ISC)2 CBK (Kindle edition) and Shon Harris


Hi folks,

here we are with the second post about my road to CISSP certification.

As many others, the first thing you’ll start searchig for will be “the best CISSP textbook is…?”

Following this stream, you’ll find a pletora of supporters for mainly two books:

  1. the Official (ISC)2 Textbook
  2. the Shon Harris’s bible

CISSP textbook Shon Harris All In One 6th Ed
CISSP textbook Shon Harris All In One 6th Ed

For this last book, from Shon Harris, a big problem arise immediately. As far as exam will change since next April the 15th, the latest edition of this huge book is dated 2013 so, it’s not updated. This way, this enormous book (even if very suggested from users), has been discarded.

The first choice will be the official (ISC)2 CBK, already available in store but…antoher little issue arise from the dark: Kindle edition or paper?

The CISSP CBK 4th edition, Kindle edition is just available right now and costs 20€ less than paper edition; besides, paper edition will not be available before April the 10th.

Now you’ll say “ok, pal, buy it and start studying!” but, to be honest, it’s not that simple.
I’ve never studied upon an eBook. Will I be able to do that efficiently?
Luckily, you can download an abstract from Amazon and test the official Kindle application. I’ve tested with an iPad (MK I), and the result has been quite interesting.

So, if you are chosing for the best CISSP textbook, remind: don’t rush!

This choice is foundamental. The book will be at your side till the exam so, again, don’t rush and, please,  chose wisely.
Don’t listen simply to who prefer one book because has a lot of pages or examples. The more of pages you have in a book the more you’ll have to read.
I’ve heard about lot of people preferring Shon Harris CISSP textbook because is full of examples but comparing the two I choosed the official one even because is strictly related to the exam questions…but we’ll discover if I’m wrong only after several weeks. 🙂

As far as I am still testing the Kindle app, I’ll ask you to wait another week to see a more complete report about this pair (iPad/Kindle App).

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